My Life Saving Protocol

I've done the research and Lived through it!

Initial Diagnosis: Tools for recovery

A Support Network is paramount to get through the initial shock of being told you have Cancer. Forget the family feuds or petty grudges. You need to reach out to everybody that sincerely cares about you. Family, friends, support groups, teammates and churches. Remember "A problem shared is a problem halved". A stick can easily be broken but when allot of sticks are bound together they form a branch that is much harder to break. Pull your sticks together as soon as possible.

Pre Chemotherapy or Pre Surgery protocol

Get in shape. It doesnt matter what your current shape is like. You will need to get as strong and fit as you can before going into chemotherapy or going into surgery. I recommend getting assistance from an accredited personal trainer. Weight training 4 times per week coupled with 40mins cardio per day following your workout. Eat clean. You need to put on muscle and reduce fat. Optimum body fat percentage is 17%. You will need it as fuel post-surgery. Don't get any leaner than this. I was 8%bf and lost 23kgs. I was a sick head on a stick for my first surgery. I then bulked up from 63kgs to 86kgs at 17% bf during chemotherapy and in preparation for my liver surgery. I only lost 4kgs after liver surgery and was really strong which helped my recovery to no end.

Nutrition Eating Plan: Pre Chemotherapy or pre surgery

Breakfast: Smoothie with 3 TBL spoons of high protein greek yoghurt, 1 x banana, 1.5 scoops of WPI/WPC whey protein, 1/2tsp of slivered almonds and half a glass of water.Morning Tea: 1cup of cooked white basmati rice and 185g tin of tuna in olive oil with 1/2cup of fresh spinachLunch: 150g of cooked meat of your choice and 1cup of cooked white basmati rice. 1cup of veggies of your choice.Afternoon tea: 4 x Corn rice thins and 1Tbl spoon of Pics peanut butter. 1.5 scoops of whey protein with water in a shaker.Dinner: 150g of cooked meat of your choice. 1/2cup of cooked white basmati rice. 1 cup of fresh spinach.Supper: 1bowl of weight watchers jelly with 1 x scoop of whey protein mixed as paste and put on top of jelly as a dessert. (This stops sugar cravings the next day).

Nutrition During Chemotherapy

Everyones a critic. They will reccomend foods that they have only heard of. Usually their recommendations have no research behind them. Ignore them or tell them you will consult your oncologist first. 
Avoid superfoods. You need the chemo to do its job, destroy cancer cells. I use Google Scholar for my research. Check to see if any foods are contraindicated to Chemotherapy treatment. I taylored my protocol to reduce the negative side effects of chemo. Nausea, fatigue, atrophy etc. You need to keep that appetite up so you dont waste away. Weight training is excellent for creating appetite but you need the energy to train. 
I had 8 cycles of chemotherapy. I drove myself to the Hospital then home. I worked fulltime all the way through so money was not a problem for my family. I did 4 x Weight sessions per week at the gym. Got 2 x tattoos representing my faith while on chemo and healed perfectly. I gained 23kgs of good weight to bulk up before liver surgery. I did not suffer on chemo at all. My protocol worked!

Here is my protocol:
1 x large glass of celery juice every second day. Liver cleanser. Buy a juicer that separates the juice from the fiber. Breville make a good one.
1 x Table spoon of Manuka Honey everyday during chemo. Common misconception is "why honey? Sugar feeds cancer" I challenged that and discovered that based on many studies done it is Glucose that feeds cancer. Honey is turned into Fructose in the body and does not feed cancer. You get all the medicinal benefits. Buy pure Manuka honey, not bush honey as it has other plants mixed in it. I HAD TWO LIVER TUMORS DISAPPEAR AND WAS TAKING 1TBL SPOON OF MANUKA HONEY EVERYDAY. Dissapearing Liver metastasis (DLM) it only happens to 1% of the worlds population. It didnt feed my cancer did it.
I took 6000mg (6 capsules) of CA spice Curcumin per day. This kept gut inflammation down and allowed me to absorb my food better hence putting on 23kgs while on Chemotherapy. The oncologist said I would loose 8-10kg. Quite the opposite happened and I WOW'd them at my 3mth check up. CA Spice is pure Curcumin. Dont be fooled by generic brands of Tumeric. It is the Curcumin that has the anti inflammatory properties. They only have 100mg Curcumin then 1400mg of Tumeric as a filler. IT DOESN'T WORK. You need 90kgs of Tumeric to refine 1kg of Curcumin.
I took 4000mg of chlorella everyday for gut health. It stopped me from any Nausea.
I/2 cup of blueberries in a smoothie before bed for antioxidants. Blueberries are not contraindicated to Chemotherapy.
Introduce red meat 3 to 4 times per week. I'm not a big advocate for red meat however chemo kills off your red & white blood cells and platelets. Red meat helps the production of red blood cells which are your oxygen carrying cells. You need red meat to battle fatigue. The red meat and manuka honey will give you energy for weight training which creates appetite, builds muscle and keeps you strong for your fight against cancer.
AVOID: kiwifruit, vitamin C, fish oil or any other dietary supplements that are contraindicated to Chemotherapy treatment. (These foods come later when your cancer free to rebuild immune system).
Please see below the special foods I had during chemotherapy and the research behind why I chose them.
1. Celery juice
Properties in celery target cancer cells at the molecular level.
Although celery is rich in many beneficial compounds, its premier cancer-fighting constituent is an antioxidant flavonoid called apigenin – which has been impressing researchers with its powerful chemopreventive effects. Again and again, in both cell and animal studies, apigenin was found to inhibit the initiation, progression and metastasis of tumors.

2. Curcumin
Curcumin has demonstrated preventive and treatment actions against cancer cells, and may help both reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy agents and intensify the cancer-killing abilities of the drugs. Cancer cells thrive in an inflammatory environment. Although short-term inflammation is beneficial for healing, long-term inflammation increases your risk of disease. Curcumin is able to block the pro-inflammatory response at several points and reduce the levels of inflammatory cytokines in the body.

3. Manuka Honey
The manuka honey alone can inhibit cancer growth by 30 per cent, but when combined with chemotherapy, there was 61 per cent inhibition," Dr Al Ramadi.

4. Chlorella
The use of chlorella extract to inhibit the development of malignant activity has been studied in several cancers. Chlorella is shown to suppress the new generation of blood vessels required by cancer cells in order to grow. Individuals with glioma and liver cancer have reported an improvement in the quality of life and survival time when taking dietary chlorella. 

Immune Booster - Post Chemotherapy

It is important to familiarize yourself with the foods triangle. Stick to basic foods while on Chemotherapy. Avoid superfoods. You need the Chemotherapy to do its job and kill cells, good and bad unfortunately. 
Superfoods can be contraindicated to your treatment. Building your immune system after chemotherapy is essential to your recovery. It's your only defences against infections and influenza.
Here's how to do it:
1. 6000mg of Liposomal vitamin C capsules, per day.
2. 4000mg of Boswellia Capsules, per day *(See notes below)
3. Juice (Daily for 2weeks only)
1 x Pawpaw, 4 x kiwi fruit, 1 x fresh aloe vera leaf (fillet and wash straight from plant), 1x pomegranate (seeds only) and 1tsp of ground flaxseed. Note: you MUST use a juicer that removes the pulp. You dont want the fibre. JUICE ONLY!
*Boswellia. serrata extract - Post chemotherapy
Bowellia serrata extract considerably decreased the expression of mPGES-1, VEGF, CXCR4, MMP-2, MMP-9 and HIF-1. The caspase 3 activity and percent of cells in sub-G1 phase were increased by also. Cell viability, PGE2 generation, in vitro tube formation and cell migration were decreased significantly in Boswellia serrata–treated HT-29 compared to the control group.
Our findings suggest that Boswellia serrata extract inhibits proliferation, angiogenesis and migration and induces apoptosis in HT-29 cells by inhibiting of mPGES-1 and decreasing the PGE2 level and its downstream targets.



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