Curcumin has been used for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory. Easy on the gut. No side effects from long term use. Great for on going Joint Pain and Gut problems such as IBS and Chrones Disease.


Curcumin and Cancer:

Curcumin has demonstrated preventative and treatment actions against cancer cells and may help both reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy agents and intensify the cancer-killing abilities of the drugs. Cancer cells thrive in an inflammatory environmeny. Although short term inflammation is beneficial for healing, longterm inflammation increases your risk of disease. Curcumin is able to block the pro-inflammatory response at several points and reduce the levels of inflammatory cytokines in the body.


    IMPORTANT: Dont be fooled by generic brands selling Tumeric as an anti inflamatory for joint pain or gut issues. It is the Curcumin found in Tumeric that has the anti inflammatory properties. Tumeric only contains 2% curcumin. Alot of brands use Tumeric as a filler. They try and fool you buy calling it Curcuma Longa. This is just the scientific name for Tumeric. You need to be looking for curcumin or curcumoids. Eg if a brand boasts 1500mg of Tumeric, read the back and you will probably find 1400mg of Tumeric (Common house spice) and only 100mg of Curcumin. CA Spice is pure curcumin with black pepper boosting the potency 8 times giving the equivalent to 22000mg of curcumin per capsule. 


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