Benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C

  • Liposomal vitamin C is a revolutionary approach to introducing vitamin C into your system.

  • Liposomes use a phospholipid bilayer formed around water and, in this case, vitamin C. The outer casing protects the nutrient inside from damage that might otherwise occur during normal digestion.

  • The absorption of liposomal vitamin C is significantly higher than that of a standard vitamin C supplement.

  • Benefits of liposomal vitamin C include increased bioavailability, cardiovascular support, skin health, improved collagen production, and reduced oxidative stress throughout the body.

  • While many supplements are labeled as “liposomal,” some of these use esters of vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbyl oleate, and/or cetyl ascorbate) that do not actually increase the bioavailability of vitamin C and are not going to result in formation of a liposome.

  • Standard doses of vitamin C are between 200-1,000 mg/day.  We recommend 2000 mg per day for most adults or 4000 - 6000mg for chronic illness.

Why choose Liposomal Vitamin C ?

It’s all about the absorption rate!
The standard chewable 500mg tablets mum used to give us before school essentially did nothing. That’s why they are so cheap. They have an absorption rate of 20% bioavailability. Intravenous is by far the best for clinical doses only. It has an absorption rate of 98% and is given in huge doses ranging from 5 -150grams. It’s expensive and used by practitioners only. The next best thing is the Liposomal technology. It is where the vitamin C concentrate is wrapped in a fat lipid which when digested goes through the stomach lining much easier than powder. When the fat lipid is broken down the body gets a lush hit of vitamin C straight into the blood stream. This method has an absorption rate of 90% bioavailability. It’s an economical way to get the essential supplement you need to boost your immune system and increase your brain health. Liposomal Vitamin C is effective in helping to breakdown protein layers on mutated cells and is widely regarded as the best antioxidant on the market.

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