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Hi, my name is Phillip O'Brien. I'm 44yrs old, have a wife, three children and up until recently led a fairly healthy lifestyle. I would like to share a small part of my story so I can be of help to others like me. 
Shock, horror... November 2018, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, stage IV liver metastasis. I was told by specialists it was inoperable, incurable, terminal, to put my affairs in order and given six to nine months to live. I underwent emergency surgery to insert a stent in my sigmoid colon as it was completely blocked by the tumour. This was unsuccessful as the stent migrated from the primary tumour in the sigmoid colon and perforated my bowel, death was imminent. I had emergency surgery to remove the tumour and a hartmans procedure was done for a colostomy.
Two weeks later I was back for more emergency surgery as an Alexis (medical expander) had been left inside me from the previous operation, the size of a bread and butter plate! First medical misadventure in New Zealand of that kind. The Alexis was resected out as tissue had grown through it during that two week period. It left me with an abundance of internal scaring. I had a 95% chance of infection, however, I healed without issues. I underwent three months of chemotherapy and was then eligible for a liver resection due to the fact two of the six tumors had disappeared and the remaining four had shrunk. Liver surgery was successful. I opted for two more cycles of chemotherapy against the oncologist's advice to have six. I backed my protocol and my immune system. 
June 2019, I was officially diagnosed Cancer FREE! 
September 2019 I underwent a colostomy reversal which was complicated due to mass internal scarring. I developed hospital induced pneumonia followed by empyema, a pulmonary embolism, three emergency lung drains and six weeks on IV antibiotics. December 2019, I am fitter and stronger than ever with the final Ileostomy reversal surgery pending in the new year. I would like to share my protocol and help others overcome this life-threatening disease. 
I believe.. following my protocol played a huge part in my recovery and in saving my life!  'Mind'  'Body'  'Soul' 



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“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”


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